How to connect to pool in HiveOS?

When creating flightsheet, select "configure in miner" in Pool

In the miner setting , type the pool address and the port , or use address:port format (as shown in the right image)



Miner軟體的收費方式(例如, nexa + BZminer是 3%)

每挖97分鐘 , miner就會移去其他池挖3分鐘後再換回來

所以 , 礦池顯示的大概是97%的算力

Pool payout scheme?

Mining reward system

What is my IP for changing payout threshold?

windows get IP

hive/linux use command: curl ifconfig.me

What is luck/effort?

Effort is the time to find(TTF) a block , base on current hashrate of the pool

100%=standard , 50%=fSpent half as much time , 200%= Spent twice as much time

How to contact pool operator?

Join out Discord

Why is the kaspa block reward decreasing?

Please refer to Kaspa block reward halving schedule

If I have X G hashrate , can I solo ?

Solo is only for

1.Lucky bastard